Sophos has announced that the free Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition is now available on Facebook’s Antivirus Marketplace in English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The international Antivirus Marketplace connects individuals with free versions of IT security software from the world’s leading vendors.
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac addresses the growing concern about Mac malware, protecting home Mac users from all threats in all versions, including the current version of the Mountain Lion operating system, OS X 10.8.3, as well as OS X 10.4-10.7. It is available for free download from both the Sophos Web site as well as from the Facebook AV Marketplace.
“The Facebook AV Marketplace is a destination for our more than 1-billion users to ensure they’re safe from the latest security threats,” says Joe Sullivan, chief security officer, Facebook. “To help our users keep their hardware better protected, we’re pleased to offer Sophos software for those using Mac devices.”
“Sophos continues to see significant global demand for its free antivirus tool. As Apple products grow in popularity, they are also becoming increasingly attractive targets to hackers,” says Brett Myroff, CEO of Sophos distributor, NetXactics.
“By making this tool available on the Facebook AV Marketplace, Sophos is giving Facebook’s Mac users peace of mind. Through automated updates, the product offers added security,” he says.
Sophos’ security solutions are available in a variety of deployment options, all with simple setup and management. The company also offers several free solutions including the aforementioned Anti-Virus for Mac tool, Sophos Mobile Security and a UTM: Home Edition.