Fujitsu has announced that enterprises will soon find it far easier to balance backup and recovery speed with the cost of flexibly storing virtually unlimited amounts of data on any combination of storage media. 
In an extended sales and technology agreement, Fujitsu is embedding Quantum’s industry-leading deduplication technology in the next generation of Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End Data Protection Appliance.
The new solution is anticipated to be over five times more scalable than the current market leader and will be the first scale-out deduplication appliance available on the market.
Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End uniquely increases the flexibility and efficiency of backup and archiving infrastructures. By completely virtualising all disk and tape target systems in the data centre, it creates one logical backup and archiving environment with unified management and unmatched flexibility in balancing speed and storage costs.
All data are copied from the servers onto a highly scalable storage cache on ETERNUS CS High End, data can remain on the cache for almost immediate recovery, or can be moved to disk, deduplicated disk or tape.
With the next generation of this solution, deduplication technology will be directly integrated to the internal storage cache, while of course the disk cache also remains available without deduplication.
By integrating Quantum deduplication technology, enterprises can additionally use internal disk storage capacity as an extremely efficient final backup target, as the necessary disk space can be reduced by factor 10- to 30- times or more. Existing customers can also benefit from upgrade options to embed deduplication in their current ETERNUS CS High End appliances.
With over a thousand installations of the ETERNUS CS High End Unified Data Protection Appliance in data centres around the world, Fujitsu is supporting its customers with a solution to massively simplify and consolidate both backup and archiving infrastructures with a significant associated reduction in investment, operational, and maintenance costs.
By integrating Quantum’s leading deduplication technology, the new generation appliance allow customers to further optimise their data protection environments – regardless of the mix of tape, disk, or deduplicated disk that best meets their needs.
“To give enterprises fast and flexible access to the massive amounts of data necessary to rebuild their operations following data loss, for example due to fire or flood, the new Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End will deliver an almost unlimited scalability for the complete consolidation of unified data protection environments,” says Marcus Schneider, head of Storage Product Development Group, Fujitsu Technology Solutions.
“We can achieve this by combining its unique scale-out storage system of up to 16 storage nodes and 22 compute nodes with best-in-class deduplication functionality from Quantum.”
“Quantum is extending its long-established sales and technology partnership with Fujitsu in the data protection market. Our patented inline de-duplication technology excels in enterprise environments where fast backup and restore are critical,” says Robert Clark, senior VP, Data Protection Group, Quantum.
“We look forward to enterprises gaining access to the new Fujitsu ETERNUS CS High End with the integration of Quantum deduplication technology. We believe that the unique benefits of this product will demonstrate Fujitsu’s continued leadership in meeting the needs of its customers.”
“Deduplication brings proven benefits to data protection and disaster recovery infrastructure, such as more efficient replication and the ability to hold more backup data online for faster recovery,” says Nick Sundby, business value practice leader, IDC EMEA.
“This announcement represents a significant development to a uniquely capable platform that allows the automation and consolidation of disparate backup silos in large organisations.”