MWEB Business has extended its portfolio of security offerings with the introduction of Percol8, a powerful, versatile and exceptionally cost-effective solution that can accommodate up to 800 users.
According to Kris Desmet, head of Product at MWEB Business, Percol8 offers a hardware-based, all-in-one, locally-supported solution that provides mail server protection as well as unified threat management services.

“Effective network security is non-negotiable in today’s connected environment, not only because external threats and attacks can literally cripple a business, but also because internal misuse of network capacity can seriously compromise an organisation’s productivity,” he says.

There are many different network security and productivity enhancement products currently available on the market. Percol8, however, was developed locally and has been optimised for South African conditions and is fully managed by MWEB Business, delivering an end-to-end, hassle-
free experience for customers.

“What really makes Percol8 different, is that it provides easy-to-understand reports that make it simple and affordable for the business owner or IT manager to have full control over utilisation of the company’s network,” Desmet says.
They can see exactly how the network is being used, what Web sites are being accessed and by whom. They can also set user parameters, restricting or allowing access at certain time, and even prioritising traffic usage.
“In effect, Percol8 delivers cost effective, customised content control and firewall protection, pop mail boxes and anti-spam filtering and robust network security. It is ideal for any size business that requires an easy-to-use mail solution with sufficient security capabilities to protect the entire IT infrastructure,” he adds.

Percol8 is a modular solution designed to scale economically and meet specific security requirements:
Percol8FW – an entry level model which consists of a firewall, link load balancer, virtual private network offering and traffic shaper for prioritising business critical applications.
* Percol8Mail – a conventional (anti-virus, anti-spam, grey listing and RBL listing) e-mail security solution with a multi domain POP, IMAP and SMTP mail technology. It also provides e-mail reporting and tools to assist with troubleshooting e-mail problems.

* Percol8UTM – this module delivers Fort Knox security for network and includes all the functionality of the Percol8FW solution, with the added functionalities of intrusion protection; Web content filtering; secure Web proxy with antivirus, malware and phishing protection. Percol8UTM provides the ability to select Web site categories that users may access enabling users to control their users’ Web browsing.

The solution is available to purchase outright or on a rent-to-own basis.