Samsung Electronics South Africa officially opened its innovative, premium Smart Care Centre in Johannesburg.
Offering consumers an easily accessible same-day walk-in carry-in service across a wide of range products, as well as an in-home service offering for larger appliances, such as TV’s and home appliances – seven days a week.
In a move designed to offer the most consumer centric experience, and very importantly a 360 degree smart lifestyle based offering, Samsung has consolidated 85% of the current service centres to create multi-product centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – which aim to provide exceptional turn-around service and professional Samsung expertise.
The centres will act as far more than merely a repair centre. Aimed at enriching the consumer’s brand experience, they will also serve as a training facility for Samsung device users, and provide holistic lifestyle consulting – should it be advice, on the spot software upgrades or to experience how to best make use of the Smart Life eco-system through utilising the accessories, content and service offerings available.
“There is no doubt that today customers expect more from the brands they support not only from the product but from an overall brand perspective. The premium Smart Care Service centre offers just this. Our Smart Care offering has been designed to ensure our customers have a positive overall experience with the brand.
“It is about an end-to-end solution from innovative products, to value added offerings and of course service – which reinforces our commitment to cater for our customers’ diverse needs,” says Neels de Kock, divisional head of service at Samsung Electronics South Africa.
In addition to being open seven days a week, including public holidays, and offering a walk-in service, customers also have the option of phoning in service requests through the Smart Care call centre.
“However, pivotal to the Smart Care Centre is the focus placed on creating far more than merely a once off hardware repair,” adds De Kock.
“Rather, we want to be seen as a brand that compliments your lifestyle and these Smart Centres are one of the ways in which we are doing just this – creating an environment that is way beyond a quick fix but rather one that serves as a venue to socialise with other Samsung users, to experience our products, to drop in for a quick cup of coffee, buy accessories and to actually enjoy the facility and what Samsung has to offer.”
The three centres are built to green specifications, echoing the investment Samsung has made to developing energy-efficient products and ensuring a sustainable future. Each centre, owned and managed by Samsung, has been revamped to include energy efficient lighting and air conditioning units, LED TVs and solar-powered devices.
The Smart Care centres include a general product experience zone and a customer area where consumers can relax while they await repairs and take a look at Samsung’s latest range of products and accessories.
There is also a children’s play arena, a refreshment station and a specialised concept section that showcases new product innovations. In addition, Samsung is also planning on providing for a VIP customer area to provide selected customers with additional value-added features.
“Through these centres, Samsung is now able to offer its customers an end-to-end solution right from the purchase of products down to delivering on their service expectations. By taking back control of the service component, Samsung can make sure our customers have a quality and timely response to their requirements supported by a professional, well skilled team all aligned with our premium brand.”
“In fact, all the Samsung service centre staff members have been trained by Samsung’s technical support engineers, from Korea. This not only forms an integral part of our continued commitment to skills development but also to ensure we provide customers with an authentic, highly skilled customer service experience,” De Kock says.
Following the Johannesburg launch, Samsung Electronics Smart Care Centres will be launched in Cape Town and Durban.