Interactive Intelligence is launching a year-long campaign to educate African enterprises on customer service best practice. Through a series of Webinars and in-house seminars, Interactive Intelligence aims to help African businesses improve their customer experience strategies, for bottom line business benefits.
Interactive Intelligence, a leading global provider of contact centre solutions, are announcing results of a survey which shed light onto the strategies and tools that enable customer service excellence.
“In a fast-changing environment, we see contact centres across the world challenged by the need to create a customer-centric service delivery model, while at the same time minimising overheads.
“In addition, contact centres are grappling with integrating new technologies and addressing customer demands for new channels for interaction with enterprises,” says Deon Scheepers, strategic consultant EMEA for Interactive Intelligence Africa.
Interactive Intelligence recently announced its renewed focus on penetrating the African market, where it sees huge potential for the contact centre industry.
To help enterprises across Africa fast-track their customer service strategies and gain insights into new contact centre technologies and management tools, Interactive Intelligence’s new education programme has been tailored to meet the unique needs of African enterprises.
The Interactive Intelligence Customer Service in Africa series will include Webinars covering topics such as strategy and planning, processes, operations and technology, with experts delivering insights and advice on addressing new technology trends such as social media, mobile and multi-channel contact centres and cloud computing.
Illustrating the impact these trends can have on the contact centre, Interactive Intelligence research shows that a key contact centre trend in the coming year is a major move to the cloud, with 30% of business communications applications deployed to the cloud and the number of contact centre agent positions in the cloud expected to grow 18,7% this year.
Through its series of Webinars, the company aims to help enterprises get a better understanding of the impact of new trends, learn how to adapt to them, and discover how to improve their customer service in order to improve customer experience and their overall business performance.
Customer case studies will be used to illustrate how contact centre challenges can be overcome.
The Webinars will be delivered in an interactive format that allows participants to pose questions to the experts. These sessions will be supported by regular seminars at the Interactive Intelligence offices in Rivonia, offering “deep dives” for greater insights into the key topics.
The series will kick off on 7 May, with a Webinar on Customer Experience (CX), where experts will give insights into the latest local research and discuss the impact for local contact centres