Bridgeworks, a leading storage protocol bridge manufacturer, has announced its partnership with iStorage Data Networks Corporation, a South African distributor with more than 120 selected resellers and VARs.
This is the first channel partnership in sub-Saharan Africa for Bridgeworks; the agreement will support the company’s plans for expansion by making its products available in a very large and fast-growing market as it seeks to target industries including communications, education, manufacturing, mining and transportation, as well as large multinational organisations.
David Trossell, CEO of Bridgeworks, says: “We are particularly keen to expand our presence into the sub-Saharan region. South Africa by itself is a vast country with large amounts of data travelling long distances between the major cities. To provide enough distance between data centres for disaster recovery purposes means that the nearest site is sometimes thousands of kilometres away.
“Bridgeworks has been able to reduce the effect of network latency to almost zero thus allowing data to be transported at full WAN speed irrespective of the distance involved, making SANSlide a highly suitable solution for organisations in this territory who want to ensure their data is protected.”
James Hyslop, director at iStorage Data Networks, comments: “Storage networking is set to enter a new era of growth thanks to solutions running at speeds of 40Gb becoming more and more widely available.
“We are looking forward to leveraging Bridgeworks’ SANSlide to help our resellers better serve their customers and to bring real added value to them thanks to a unique range of best-in-class and complementary technologies.”
In addition to South Africa, iStorage Data Networks has coverage of the South African Development Community, the Indian Ocean islands and the Middle East.