As Internet usage increasingly becomes an integral part of the primary business of a growing number of South African companies, continuing to regard Internet connectivity as a commodity could be a costly mistake.
That’s the view of Andre Joubert, GM of MWEB Business, who points out that for many businesses that rely on Internet connectivity for virtually every aspect of their operations, connectivity problems – like slow speeds or connection interruption – is more than an inconvenience.
“Think of a marketing company that uses Internet marketing channels on behalf of clients, a land-based retail company that also runs an e-commerce Web site, or a company that constantly uses social networking sites as a marketing channel.
“Think of a company that has to back up a massive quantity of data to a remote location on a daily, or on an even more frequent basis. And what about a company with many employees who need to access their emails, transfer information, collaborate remotely and share files all the time.
“These are just some examples of the types of business for which a consistently fast, absolutely reliable and uninterrupted business connection has become non-negotiable,” he says.
According to Joubert, ADSL technology – including the new VDSL option – is a best-effort service. As a result, no ADSL connection would be ideal for those businesses.
“Leased line access provides the ideal business connection for these purposes. While leased line connectivity has been beyond the reach of many businesses, the price has almost halved over the past two years, bringing it within reach of even budget-strapped SMEs. Indeed, it is now possible to obtain a structured leased line connectivity solution that is tailored for an individual business’s needs and budget,” he says.
MWEB Business offers two high bandwidth connections – Platinum and Silver – that provide the quality of service and permanent Internet connectivity that mission critical business systems require.
These are available in various operating speeds and include a variety of features and value-added benefits, enabling a business to start with a cost-effective solution that can be expanded and upgraded as required.