Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70 000 customers, has announced that significantly more products, features, enhancements and integrations are planned to be delivered in 2013 than in any similar period in the company’s history.
The increased level of innovation results from an increase in planned R&D spending for the year, as well as the expansion of Infor’s development organisation since the company came under the leadership of its new executive team.
In the last two years alone, Infor has hired more than 650 new software engineers and designers.
In 2013, Infor plans to introduce nearly 300 new products, including Infor 10x and Infor Ming.le, which is an increase of more than 150% over the previous year.
In addition to new products this year, Infor plans to deliver at least twice as many features and enhancements and four times as many integrations to Infor and third party applications through Infor ION, the company’s lightweight middleware platform, than in the previous year.
“For companies to thrive in today’s business climate, they must be able to quickly and easily adapt to constantly changing business models and landscapes,” says Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor.
“Infor is again stepping up development so we can go ‘faster together’ with our customers, providing the next-generation business applications that will propel business to new heights of productivity and profitability.”