Global analyst and consulting firm Ovum has recognised Gijima’s mobileIT platform as a technology to watch for its potential impact on the market, becoming the first African solution to receive such an accolade.
“The mobileIT platform seeks to weave together the varying threads of enterprise mobility, including infrastructure, devices, applications, and users. Gijima is able to offer an integrated, holistic approach that ensures that all devices and platforms are served,” says Richard Hurst, analyst at Ovum.
mobileIT was launched at the end of last year and signalled the importance that Gijima places on mobility solutions for the enterprise. It is the first platform of its kind in Africa and has been developed by Africans to address the specific challenges of the continent
“In the connected world of today, companies are under increased pressure to support the latest mobile devices as many employees are using their own smartphones and tablets for business use. Given the range of mobile platforms and business applications available, decision-makers need to be able to cost-effectively decide on which to support,” says Tony de Sousa, executive for products at Gijima.
These decisions are not only based on the strategic growth targets of an organisation, but also need to reflect security management, cost control, and how mobile solutions can best be integrated into existing IT systems.
Ovum believes that the Gijima mobileIT platform offers companies a single point of management for all the key elements of enterprise mobility.
“The one-size-fits-all approach of Gijima reduces the cost and complexity of rolling out such services. The solution also integrates with existing systems and services, saving capital expenditures and time during the implementation and maintenance phases,” writes Ovum.
mobileIT has been designed to empower companies to fully plan, implement, and manage all aspects of mobility from a single, integrated platform.