Ninzi-Connect, a telecommunications and contact centre solutions provider with over 20 years experience in the contact centre market, has announced that it has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Softcom in South Africa. 
“Today’s contact centre business model includes seamlessly managing diverse contact centre touch points in the most effective way possible,” says Richard Shaw, MD of Ninzi-Connect.
“The Softcom InsideEdge solution provides access, consolidation and display of information to management while allowing the flexibility to examine that information in different ways.”
Included in the Aspect Unified Communications range of solutions offered by Ninzi-Connect are workforce management and automated dialler solutions for the debt collection environment.
The Softcom InsideEdge solution will allow for the consolidation and presentation of information from these data stores by managing diverse contact centre touch points, while the presentation and format of the data can be customised to meet management requirements.
The InsideEdge platform offers business intelligence capabilities for inbound sales, customer service and support environments as well as outbound sales, telemarketing, collections, service bureaux and fundraising activities.
These include reports, realtime dashboards, OLAP (online analytical processing), performance management, agent and campaign metrics, agent dashboards, data modelling, collaboration tools, wallboard capabilities and predictive analytics solutions. InsideEdge handles your complete information technology needs for the contact centre.
“Ninzi-Connect provides cost effective solutions that cover every aspect of the contact centre environment, from call automation to workforce management, recording, quality management and business analytics,” adds Shaw.
“We use our extensive experience, gained over many years of dealing with a large number of organisations in South Africa to implement and optimise the use of these solutions for maximum business advantage. The addition of Softcom to our solutions base will serve to enhance our service and deliver measurable returns to our clients.”