Africa is finding more synergy with the emerging markets of Asia than with its traditional trading partners in Europe and North America.
This is one of the key messages coming through at the World Economic Forum held this week in Cape Town, and reiterated by BT’s president: Asia, Middle East & Africa Kevin Taylor.
Taylor tells IT-Online that there is an increasing alignment between the two continents, both of which are seeing tremendous economic growth.
BT has recognised this natural new grouping and aligned its own organisation accordingly – hence the new Asia, Middle East and Africa region.
Taylor says that Europe is increasingly falling behind as a trading partner for Africa, offering limited value to countries in Africa and, although the US appears to emerging from its economic downturn, its exposure in Africa is limited.
What is happening, he says, is more trade between Africa and Asia, as well as more business being conducted on the continent between African companies.
Spending in Africa by countries like the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and China are well documented and set to grow.
Increased GDPs (gross domestic products) in emerging countries are also promoting trade and boosting the economies of these regions.
BT’s role is connecting people around the world, says Taylor, and it does this with the same products and services that it offers globally.
Importantly, BT doesn’t differentiate its products for emerging markets, offering the same level of technology as it does for the developed world.