Neotel has launched a local fibre video network solution, Video Connect. Video Connect, designed to offer connectivity and accessibility to key media hotspots globally, was introduced to the market last year, to test its performance and usability.
Abid Qadiri, chief of business solutions and excellence at Neotel, says: “We are very excited to launch a service that expedites the transmission of broadcast feeds from source location to single or multiple broadcasters simultaneously.
“Video Connect offers significant value for broadcasters. For instance, with the reliability of Neotel and TATA’s global fibre network, we are able to offer broadcasters a high quality and secure line to deliver major live events on an international scale removing the cost of uncertainty characterised by satellite.
“This innovative video network solution shows our commitment to supporting South Africa’s growth by offering a globally competitive video network solution that uses less equipment to improve the productivity of content owners and broadcasters.”
Neotel’s Video Connect offers a dedicated, fully managed video transmission service with a round the clock monitoring of link, equipment and circuit performance to eliminate the operational complexity of managing multiple vendors for network, infrastructure, maintenance and the general logistics associated with broadcast transmission.
Neotel has access to all five undersea cables available in South Africa and a partnership with TATA Communications, so it believes customers are unlikely to experience downtime.