Afrihost has extended its cloud hosting services. The company will be offering a more expansive range of dedicated cloud solutions, as well as revising their current offerings to cater for a wider range of options from personal to corporate requirements. Its new enterprise-grade cloud products offer superior technical specs to current physical dedicated packages – at a fraction of the cost.
Afrihost will also be sweetening the deal by slashing excess web traffic and disk space charges on cloud hosting packages. Additional Web traffic usage will now cost only R3.50 per Gb, reduced by 50% from the current rate of R7 per Gb while excess disk space will be cut by 64% from R2.50 per Gb to 90 cents per Gb, bringing Afrihost’s rates well within international standards.
As an additional benefit to existing cloud hosting clients, current Gold and Platinum Cloud clients will be upgraded to Enterprise Cloud Bronze and Gold respectively to enjoy more resources and better performance, while still saving R100 per month.
Afrihost will also be dropping its management fee for both regular and enterprise cloud hosting from R1 000 per month to R500 per month.