SoftExpert, a market leader in software and services for enterprise-wide business has launched SoftExpert Cloud, allowing for the distribution of SoftExpert solutions through Web-based cloud services in a fully secure environment, boosting efficiency and availability when accessing integrated system resources. Soft-Expert is represented in South Africa by Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings.
With SoftExpert Cloud, organisations can achieve positive results more quickly, minimising project-related risks and drastically reducing the investment in IT products and services.
With a monthly fee per user, SoftExpert Cloud eliminates the need to buy licenses and organisations are able to cut operating costs, improve processes and meet regulations without needing to acquire software and hardware.

“Any company acquiring this modality will have all of the benefits and differentials of our portfolio of integrated products and solutions available in a fully secure environment,” says Hermínio Gonçalves, product manager at SoftExpert.

Other advantages of the SoftExpert Cloud are an 80% reduction in calls related to the operating environment during implementation, updating and use of the system; elimination of the need to acquire software and hardware and investments in infrastructure; guaranteed system growth to support future needs; and reduced total cost of ownership, among others.

Ian Huntly, CEO of Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings says SoftExpert Cloud Computing Hosting solutions provide significant business benefits by helping organisations to:

* Improve speed to market by relying on SoftExpert’s expertise in design, build and run large-scale IT environments;

* Reduce upfront costs by buying infrastructure and management as a service, rather than investing in assets and hiring new personnel;

* Mitigate risk in an environment of rapidly changing technology and security issues;
* Gain the flexibility to embrace innovation as it emerges; and
* Re-allocate one’s time and talent to focus on business rather than IT.