Booming business in India and across Africa has resulted in an upgrade in Logikal Consulting’s offices on the subcontinent. The company recently upgraded and expanded its offices in Chennai in order to house more staff as well as to bring a fresher, more contemporary feel to the premises.
The company’s provision of specialist technology and consulting services has been extremely well received across Africa and India, resulting in substantial growth. The improved offices provide room for more staff, helping Logikal Consulting better meet the needs of its customers.
“The ability and skills we provide our client base have been the key to our success, and we have upgraded the Indian office not only to provide additional space, but to offer our staff an even better working environment,” explains Logikal Consulting CEO, Gerald Naidoo.
Chennai, a major commercial and economic hub located in Tamil Nadu, India, is the perfect position for Logikal Consulting to continue servicing its Indian and African clients.
“Companies are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their requirements. Because our skilled staff have proved their value within leading companies across the world, we felt the need to enhance their expertise, capability and productivity. Our new offices will give us the facilities necessary to service the growth in demand.
“As we continue growing our footprint, we also look forward to attracting the best talent that will help us scale our India operations.”
In addition to the new Chennai office space, Logikal Consulting has premises in South Africa, Mauritius and Nigeria.