Samsung Electronics South Africa has launched its groundbreaking CLX-9201, 9251, and 9301 A3 colour and SCX-8123, CX-8128 A3 mono copiers that separate the printer interface from the system unit to enhance the efficiency of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
“These units are not only the most compact A3 colour copiers in their class, but feature an all-in-one main board that provides better processing power and greater printer speed to let business owners turn around copies faster than ever before and become more efficient in the process,” says Manoj Bhoola, business leader for B2B at Samsung Electronics South Africa.
This main board combines a video controller panel, engine board and a scan board to improve energy efficiency. When in sleep mode, the units consume 60% less power than conventional copiers in their class.
Additionally, Samsung’s new SmarThru solution integrates documents into a digital workflow for faster, more cost-efficient processing and more accurate electronic archiving, indexing and file searching. It also simplifies information sharing across different departments through the direct application on fax, FTP, print, e-mail, and Microsoft SharePoint.

With this printer range, Samsung is providing SMEs with devices that combine cutting-edge technology with superior performance in a compact form factor. These copiers provide a range of easy fleet and workflow management tools to enhance the capabilities of the business. Some of the key features of these units that boast productivity and increase cost efficiencies for the SME business include:

* Quality – w
ith Samsung’s unique ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) Technology and Real 1 200 x 1 200 dpi the overall quality and vibrancy of colour printing is enhanced, ensuring that the focus of both graphics and text is automatically sharpened, while solid objects are overlapped to eliminate white gaps.
Furthermore, the newly developed polymerised toner has smaller and more uniform particles than conventional toner, ensuring the output has crisper lines and more vivid colours, in addition to eliminating paper curling. Also, its higher wax content improves the image gloss and enhances the durability, preventing unwanted fading.

* Performance – t
he new range ensures that office productivity is dramatically increased with fast printing and scanning capabilities, thanks to a fully integrated Samsung 1GHz Dual Core processor. Handling of large print/copy jobs is faster, and scan throughput is swifter. In fact, through this power, every task takes 1,5 times quicker allowing users more time to work and less time waiting.
* Low power consumption – w
ith its ingenious All-in-One board, overall energy consumption is kept low by minimising power requirements. In fact, compared to a conventional board it reduces TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) by up to 60%. In addition, Samsung Instant Fusing System (IFS) technology helps users print and copy faster, use less energy and reduce energy costs.
* Eco control – e
very business sees the need to cut costs wherever it can. With this range, businesses can save paper and energy with the Eco button. With one push of a button, users can print more onto every page, including 2-up, 4-up and duplex prints, and also save more toner with the automatic blank pages skipping function.
With Easy-Eco Driver users can accurately preview their documents before printing as well as adjust colour quality and other settings to meet specific requirements and budget. Furthermore, users can remove unnecessary text, images and other elements, reduce wasted printouts and achieve more economically efficient printing.
“Simply put, this new range has been designed to decrease maintenance costs while increasing printing capabilities. Featuring universal drums, and developer unit, Samsung has taken great care to reduce unnecessary inventory for organisations and this new line-up allows us to do exactly that,” concludes Bhoola.