Oracle CloudWorld, Munich – Cloud computing has opened a multitude of new markets for Oracle – particularly among smaller companies that would never before have considered the IT giant, due to the perceived costs involved. 
Thomas Kurian, executive VP, product development at Oracle, says the company is happy with the progress it is now making within the SMB segment, but that cloud services are also opening new opportunities within its traditional corporate base too.
“We do see that a lot of customers going for our software as a service (SaaS) offerings are smaller companies,” Kurian says.
“Many of them have never been Oracle customers before and come in for the first time because they want some kind of CRM or marketing solution. Many of them do not have their own IT staff, so it is an ideal solution for them. This obviously opens a new market segment for Oracle.”
Another new market the company can target with cloud services, he says, is actual departments within large corporate customers. He says a prime example of this is Oracle’s Hyperion financial offerings.
“Hyperion runs on-premise today and is traditionally used by the CFP to handle budgets,” Kurian explains. “But many of the departments within the company also have to submit budgets – and these are usually done on spread sheets. We are currently running trials of Hyperion in the cloud which can be used by these various departments instead of spread sheets.
“We have developed systems to run the largest organisations in the world – eight of 10 of the biggest companies in the world use our SaaS offering,” he says. “But now it can be used by any part of the It landscape.”