Orange Business Services is targeting above 20% growth for the African region in 2013 – and, having met this ambitious target in 2012, looks on track to achieving its goal.
Jean-Luc Lasnier, GM and vice-president of Orange Business Services for Middle East & Africa, says the organisation is aiming for 7-billion euro revenue from this region by 2015.

The organisation may not be well-known in the broader market, but it has been present in South Africa since 1967 and in Africa as a whole since 1949.
Orange Business Services, the B2B arm of France Telecom Orange, targets just multi-national companies, providing them with global connectivity and services.
It recognises the growth potential in Africa, and has made a significant investment in the region – up to 30% of the global R&D budget is currently being spent on Africa, Lasnier says.

A significant portion of these resources are being focussed on South Africa, since 70% of the multi-national companies present on the continent are based here.

Orange Business Services has direct representation in 160 countries around the world and a presence in 220. On the African country it is represented in all 52 countries, with a direct office in 40. It employs 2 000 people in Africa and has housed two of its four technical centres on the continent.

It works with multi-national companies across all vertical sectors, such as financial services, oil, mining, retail, medical and government.

“We believe in Africa,” says Lasnier. “We believe it is in the middle of a new revolution technologically, economically and politically. We are making the investment in the continent.”