According to AMI Partners, there are more than 1,4-million small and medium-sized businesses worldwide that spend $113-billion on software and IT services each year. Despite the fact that SMEs are very different to enterprise organisations, many IT vendors continue to offer only a one-size-fits-all approach.
“SMEs have their own specific needs and challenges, but they also usually have budget constraints. That generally means that they are looking for strong value in solutions that integrate with existing technologies and can scale as the company grows.
“We believe that the growth we are seeing in our volume licensing business on the SME side points to these companies appreciating the value offered by our solutions,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.
He explains that the company makes it easy for its SMME customers to budget, plan and deploy the software, putting huge emphasis on service levels and order turn-around times.
“Just as important as what solutions an SMME company buys, is how they buy. Managing a reliable network that breeds productivity is a long-term investment that requires a simple and flexible licensing program designed to provide companies with the right solutions at the right time.
“A good licensing program should provide choice, while maintaining simplicity in how the company purchases its IT solutions.”
For companies that require more than five licenses of a particular software product, volume licensing is the most cost-effective choice. In addition to cost savings, volume licensing often provides other benefits that are not found in OEM or full packaged product.
It also offers additional benefits such as the option to transfer software between computers, deploy a standard image to new computers, and easily track licenses online.
“We pride ourselves not only on the speed with which we meet our client orders, but the service we provide, which includes advice around which products will best meet the needs of the business. This is paying huge dividends for us and our customers, who are increasingly looking to Phoenix Distribution as their volume licensing partner of choice,” Campbell-Young says.
“Companies must feel secure that they are being offered the right solutions, and the channel need to ensure that they are providing what the business needs. Technology is moving so fast that the channel has to ensure its serving its customers by keeping them updated on new products and services relevant to them.
“We are building extended relationships by providing education and support, and our success is based on our understanding of our customers’ accounts.”