Esquire Technologies, the award-winning distribution company, announced that it has signed a strategic distribution agreement with lifestyle technology manufacturer Promate Technologies for the southern African region. 

Promate has an impressive range of peripherals and accessories for smart computing, mobile and personal computing demands.
“We are extremely pleased to bring these high quality, yet affordable, lifestyle products to southern Africa, as we share the same vision and synergy as Promate in bringing new innovative products to the market,” says Asgar Mahomed, MD of Esquire.
Promate Technologies is a big player in the world of peripherals and digital gadgets. It boasts one of the world’s largest collections of smartphones, tablets, laptop peripherals and digital gadgets – and has been harvesting hundreds of awards all over the world for being one of the most innovative brands and lifestyle technology developers.
Mahomed says the company is seeking to capitalise on the expanding accessories and peripherals market currently “springing up” in South Africa.
Yasir ALkaar, international sales director of Promate Technologies, says, “Promate constantly strives to seamlessly incorporate modern technology into the user’s daily life. Promate’s R&D team is continuously asked to find solutions to enhance the way we use everyday technologies.
“The result is a range of award winning innovative enhancements and gadgets in the realms of telecom, digital entertainment and personal computing.
“We at Promate have the products, the know-how and the brand building experience – and Esquire understands the local market and has an impressive business model such as the virtual reseller network (VRN) and award-winning Xpress Store in major cities, which is hugely significant to us.
“This alliance will defiantly give us a promising new foothold in the southern African region. I have high hopes for what our two companies can achieve, as the peripherals and accessories markets are showing strong growth across the globe, including in Africa.
“The Promate range will be immediately available to Esquire’s 400 x virtual reseller network (VRN) Web sites and other e-commerce sites and will soon be available in retail stores across the southern African region.”
“We are delighted to have forged this new partnership with Promate Technologies to bring to the local market by adding these products to our existing peripheral and accessories range as it is perfect fit in our in digital lifestyle segment of our business.” Mahomed concludes.