Ruckus Wireless and local channel partner UC-Wireless have announced that they were selected to deploy a RuckusZoneFlex Smart WiFi wireless LAN (WLAN) system at iTickets SA to support all ticket entrance validation points via WiFi for those attending the Top Gear Festival, which will be taking place this weekend, 15 to 16 June, at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.

“Being a business that relies on wireless connectivity throughout our operations, it was paramount that we implemented a solution that not only worked in such high demand conditions, but one that would be cost-effective to implement and easy to install.
“Many visitors are expected to pass through the access control points and as such, it is essential that the necessary infrastructure has been put in place to ensure that there is no delay with the on-site ticketing scanners,” says Corne Prinsloo, director at iTickets SA.

To deliver the capacity, performance, and reliability needed to cope with the expected numbers of visitors at the event, UC-Wireless worked closely with Ruckus Wireless and iTickets to develop a high-density and completely portable solution for iTickets.

UC-Wireless and Ruckus then determined the ideal placement of the Ruckus ZoneFlex access points (APs) in order to narrowly focus signals to handle high-density locations, while also maintaining visual aesthetics. Ruckus SmartMesh Networking technology was also employed to enable the consistent and reliable WiFi connectivity that iTickets demanded.

“We undertook not only an in depth site survey using Ruckus ZonePlanner, but also performed a comprehensive proof of concept demonstration of the wireless coverage given by each Ruckus unit and in particular, the wireless mesh capability, which had to be easy for iTickets to set-up, reliable to operate in the presence of many visitors, plus cover multiple entrances without having temporary cabling between access points,” says Quentin Daffarn, Managing Director at UC-Wireless.
“The results of the live demonstration spoke for themselves and we were given the go-ahead, ahead of the event.”

As a result, two Ruckus ZoneFlex 7363 indoor access points controlled by a Ruckus ZoneDirector 1106 for centralised management are being coupled with a 3G router and a high gain antenna (for enhanced 3G signal), and are being deployed at the main stadium entrance.

Another stand alone ZoneFlex 7363 AP with a similar 3G setup will be deployed at a second entrance to ensure iTickets’ operational staff has access via their laptops and on-site ticketing scanners to the backend.
The key benefit for iTickets is that their Ruckus Smart WiFi network setup is so simple that it can now be deployed whenever they do the ticketing at concerts in many different venues.

“By integrating our patented BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology that’s a key component of our APs, Ruckus solutions are better able to overcome the physical and technical challenges of delivering high-capacity, high-performance access to indoor and outdoor areas which are prone to interference, or which pose physical barriers to signal penetration for seamless connections,” says Michael Fletcher, sales director for Ruckus Wireless sub-Saharan Africa.

“By focussing and directing WiFi signals over the best signal path, iTickets’ Ruckus Smart WiFi system automatically avoids interference to ensure the consistent, reliable performance and high throughput they need – essential requirements for events such as these.”

Since becoming aware of the WiFi solution, iTickets SA has selected Ruckus Wireless for this year’s Festival.