Scytl, the world leader in secure online voting and election modernisation and the National Election Council of Ecuador has announced their continued partnership and next steps towards an end-to-end fully integrated election administration system, the key to the country´s election modernisation process.

The meetings taking place in Barcelona between the CNE and Scytl have seen the finalising of the roadmap implementation for the deployment of the next phases of the CNE election modernisation vision.

Going beyond the deployment of the first phase in February 2013, the election modernisation encompasses a broad spectrum of additional pre-election, Election Day and post-election management functionality.
This includes the deployment of additional modules of the Scytl e-Election Platform for candidate, poll worker and observer management, voter registration, election logistics, election promotion and spend, amongst others.

“Scytl’s technology and their team of election experts have consistently delivered far beyond our expectations and the meetings in Barcelona have further finalised our already close partnership and trust,” comments Dr. Domingo Paredes, president CNE Ecuador.

“The use of technology like Scytl´s is the base for the institutionalisation, transformation and modernisation of the electoral process in Ecuador, the legacy that as a commission we wish to leave the country.”

The first phase of the CNE´s election modernisation vision was implemented to support the National Elections in February 2013. Key to this initial deployment was not only the implementation of a more efficient and secure election administration process, but proving to both the Ecuadorian public and international observers that the electoral process was trustworthy, transparent and auditable.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by the CNE as their trusted partner to make their election modernisation vision a reality,” comments Pere Valles, CEO Scytl.

“Our e-Election Platform supported the 2013 elections in a variety of ways: from providing a scalable and dependable system ensuring escrutineo traceability and maximum security, to the publishing of results in a far timelier manner, together with providing the overall technology and expertise required for an election of this proportion,” he concludes.

With the rollout of Ecuador´s election modernisation vision, the country and its electoral management process lead the way in the region and is a reference for other countries looking to leverage innovative, secure to support efficient, secure, transparent and auditable election processes.