Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) that incorporates a media player as a system-on-chip on the same board as the display chipset, eliminating the need to have external media players for customised content on large format displays. To date, Samsung is the only display manufacturer to offer this kind of “smart” signage platform.

Traditionally, customers in the retail, hospitality and banking industries required external media players for their displays in order to create customised content for consumers at the various touch points inside the store or branch environment.

The system-on-chip functionality eliminates this requirement for an external PC and streamlines the delivery of more impactful messages to customers in real-time irrespective of the display being viewed.

“This minimises equipment and installation costs for our customers and enables them to better manage operational costs. Content management is also greatly simplified through the Samsung MagicInfo S authoring solution that supports a variety of formats,” says Mike van Lier, Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

Additionally, Samsung MagicInfo S offers an open source development kit which supports JavaScript, HTML5 and Flash to enable partners to create their own customised applications.

Having a system-on-chip media player results in fewer cables being required, reduces the network point of failure, reduces ongoing operational costs and simplifies the installation process.

“With this innovative solution, Samsung is providing its customers with the flexibility their environments require and offers more control when deploying and managing customised digital content needed, as needed on multiple platforms.

“The panels comes standard with a three year warranty which include parts and labour and has an expected life span of 50 000 hours calculated on the assumption that the displays will run anything from 12 to 24 hours a day,” he says.

Van Lier comments that there is growing demand for large format displays and solutions for digital signage in the corporate, retail, and entertainment environments.

“Digital signage is emerging rapidly as a viable communication tool and provides customers with a simple and dynamic way to deploy and manage digital signage networks on a single chip.”

“The Samsung Smart Signage Platform really provides customers across industries with the best of all worlds. SSSP is an integrated platform for digital signage that eliminates the need for external media players and streamlines the deployment process, saving time and money for integrators and businesses alike,” concludes Van Lier.

Samsung Smart Signage Platform system-on-chip large format displays are currently available in sizes ranging from 32 – 75 inches.