Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has released the new 2013 Gemalto Netsize Guide, for those interested in how mobile payments are changing the way people shop, transact and bank.
The new guide is the 11th edition since it was first published and is aimed at providing executive insights for mobile operators, banks, credit card companies, handset OEMs, merchants and OTT providers.
Featured in the guide are interviews and opinion pieces by industry leaders from key mobile payment eco-system participants.

The 2013 Guide provides a global perspective of M-Commerce on the Move, and explores the big picture of mobile security, identity, privacy, and social commerce, while focusing on mobile wallets, in-app micropayments and money transfer, operator billing and messaging, as well as near field communication (NFC).

Commenting on the relevance of the guide, VP of Gemalto’s Telecommunications business in sub-Saharan Africa Benjamin Binet says: “Nowhere has the impact of mobile money been felt more keenly than in emerging markets.

“Here, the ability to use even the most basic feature phone to move money has transformed many-millions of lives – and made a meaningful impact on the wider economy. Gemalto contributed to many of them and what we can see in some of the newer launches is that operators are teaming up with banks to deliver services that use mobile but are powered by ‘traditional’ banking structures.”

Among key insights provided in the 2013 Guide are:
* Emerging markets – nowhere has the impact of mobile money been felt more keenly felt than in emerging markets. “In 40 markets there are at least two different mobile money transfer services available while in Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania and Uganda there are more mobile money accounts than bank accounts.
“The mobile money solution provided by Gemalto in Mexico to the joint venture formed by telecom operator America Movil and financial institutions Banamex and Banco Inbursa aims at delivering banking services through mobile phone to over 80-million unbanked population.
“Overall, there are now 81,8-million registered customers of mobile money transfers services. Analyst Berg Insight says this number will grow to 381-million by 2017, with the total value of transactions projected to increase from $44-billion in 2011 to $395-billion.”

* Mobile commerce – “Juniper Research predicted that 10-billion mobile coupons will be redeemed in 2013, which is 50 % up on 2012.”

“According to ABI research, 102-million NFC phones were shipped in 2012 worldwide and this number will accelerate to 1,95-billion by 2017.”

Mobile devices are a vital form of today’s global communication. Juniper Research predicts that operator billing revenues worldwide will rise from $2-billion in 2012 to over $13-billion by 20171. Visa estimates that by 2020 mobile payments will account for more than 50 per cent of their transactions2. These trends necessitate that industries have in place a mobile strategy for commercial success.

The Gemalto Netsize Guide is available as a free PDF download online.