At the Great Rift Valley ICT summit taking place in Dar es Salaam next week, Gilat Satcom will unveil a raft of new fibre routes in coastal and landlocked Africa.

These routes are already providing companies with fast and reliable broadband connectivity at competitive prices with coast-to-coast redundancy guaranteed, with Gilat Satcom amongst one of the first companies in Africa to offer both East to West coast and international connectivity. Its MPLS network connects to both the WACS and EASSy undersea cables via fibre local loops across Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Mozambique.

In addition, Gilat Satcom’s pan-Africa satellite footprint allows its MPLS network to reach the most remote areas of the continent.

Gilat Satcom is also considering the establishment of data centres across Africa aimed at oil and gas companies, financial institutions and other large firms which need high security and low latency levels.

Says Eran Yoran, marketing director of Gilat Satcom, “There is still a huge gap between the growing demands for broadband in Africa and the ability of the industry to provide a high-quality service.

In particular, we see a great need in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania and Zambia. We are investing heavily so that we can provide businesses in Africa with a fully-redundant extremely stable broadband network with excellent QoS”.

Gilat Satcom’s African headquarters is in Lagos and it has a number of joint ventures across Africa including Microlink in Zambia and Raga in the DRC. It is also a shareholder in WIOCC, the owners of the EASSy and WACS undersea cables, and an established provider of voice and data over satellite in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.