BlackBerry is aiding the fight to protect southern Africa’s endangered rhino population through its support of a new Stop Rhino Poaching internship programme.

The internship is an initiative of the international Young Presidents Organisation and World Presidents Organisation (YPO/WPO) and takes place in South Africa and Botswana from 26 June to 23 August. The programme aims to help conservation interns learn the ropes around safeguarding endangered animals threatened by poachers.

Stop Rhino Poaching is an NGO that focuses on raising funds for the fight against rhino poaching and driving awareness about rhino poaching and BlackBerry is assisting by donating BlackBerry Z10s to the interns and ensuring they have connectivity during the programme.

“The Department of Environmental Affairs estimate that around 430 rhinos have been poached in South Africa this year alone,” says Alexandra Zagury, MD for South and southern Africa at BlackBerry. “The poaching of rhinos for their horns remains one of South Africa’s most concerning environmental issues.

“BlackBerry is extremely committed to support this cause, hence our engagement in this programme. We believe that the fight against rhino poaching can be won through the efforts of dedicated people and organisations, and we will provide them with help where we can.”