Kristine Snow, global president of Cisco Capital, has re-affirmed the company’s commitment to conduct business in South Africa, as well as pledging support for the government’s goal to expand South Africa’s broadband network to reach universal penetration by 2020.

Snow was in South Africa to meet with finance leaders and strategic business partners to explore investment opportunities which will help accelerate the country’s national broadband rollout and overall business growth in South Africa.

“The technology advances that are taking place in South Africa today are very impressive, but growth brings increased competition putting our customers and partners under considerable pressure to stay ahead of the game by keeping abreast with technology investments,” Snow says. “The decisions they are making are based not only on what to buy, but also how to buy. Cisco Capital financing solutions will help our customers in South Africa to optimise available budgets, thereby allowing them to stay focused on converting customer needs and growing their business. Purchasing decision-makers today want partners who can guide them through change and help shape their organisations for the future. Cisco Capital is fulfilling this role by providing a platform for businesses to extend and grow their business potential.”

Alpheus Mangale, MD of Cisco SA, say’s Snow’s visit will yield some useful discussions to help further define the company’s agenda for accelerating business and broadband rollout in South Africa.

“Cisco is at a very exciting, pivotal place being at the forefront of Internet of Everything (IoE), an era where the Internet has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of everyone on our planet,” says Mangale. “The business value that organisations in South Africa will gain through the IoE is presenting a new level of opportunity for technology growth and innovation. Over the next 10 years, a major opportunity will be for companies to evolve their organizations to thrive in the new environment.

“I am delighted that Cisco Capital is committed to align with the national agenda for broadband acceleration by supporting businesses in South Africa through this growth and business transformation,” he adds. “I look forward to announcing some key new developments from Cisco here in South Africa that will help shape this change in the very near future.”