CA Southern Africa has announced significant expansion of the industry’s only integrated management platform for the mainframe – CA Chorus.
This translates into a dramatically improved customer experience whilst improving efficiencies and reducing costs for network and system management.

Additional mainframe management solutions were also announced, all of which help improve IT performance and productivity, while minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of management software.
Together these solutions help organizations meet their business-critical goals of providing effective, uninterrupted business services to employees and customers.

CA Chorus Infrastructure Management for Networks and Systems integrates system, network and DB2 for z/OS performance management applications into a single, intuitive interface, to help companies: simplify and streamline the management of networks and systems; improve productivity of IT administrators, allowing them to anticipate, find and solve problems faster.

Moreover it reduces outages, increases system availability and improves customer satisfaction.

CA Southern Africa’s executive responsible for mainframe initiatives, Gordon Hayden, says this expansion of CA Chorus, is accessed from a common management workspace, enabling IT staff to work with maximum efficiency and reduce operational costs.

”As the number of mainframe transactions skyrocket, customers are under pressure to deliver more IT services while cutting costs. CA Chorus gives our customers the tools to solve today’s immediate challenges while laying the groundwork for the dynamic data centre of the future.”

Hayden says the CA Chorus platform unites mainframe management in an intuitive workspace. It elevates the user experience by tying together an increasing number of administrative functions such as security, storage and infrastructure.

Administrators no longer have to adapt to a new and different user interface with every application. The look and feel of CA Chorus is the same regardless of whether you are a data base administrator, security administrator or storage manager.

With its ease of use, CA Chorus brings tremendous flexibility to an IT workforce that is in transition, whether an organization is asking its IT staff to extend its skills-set or dealing with pioneer mainframe technicians retiring and leaving the workforce.