Telkom Business has launched the Convergence SingleRate contract, offering SMEs an out-of-bundle rate of 79c per minute to all networks, all the time.

Jan Pieterse, executive at Telkom Business Product House, says the operator offers true convergence through a combination of fixed, data, cloud, IT and mobile capabilities as core components.

“Many of our SME customers see this as a big business concept that doesn’t really apply to them,” says Pieterse. “That is partly why it was critical for us to develop a product offering specifically for that market, something that brings the concept of Convergence to life, something that enables productivity, convenience and cost-effectiveness.”

According to Pieterse, Convergence SingleRate brings together the best of fixed and mobile.

“A BizTalk contract (Fixed plan) available from R299 per month gives users a 79c out-of-bundle rate from their landline to all local networks all the time, including line rental and up to 700 free minutes. By adding another R49 per month, the same 79c out-of-bundle rate applies from a Telkom Mobile phone to any network.”

The deals are based on pure per-second billing, meaning customers pay for the actual time they are on the phone, he adds.

“Just by applying per-second billing, customers can save up to 35% on the out-of-bundle usage.”