Dax Data introduces Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) – an innovative publishing tool that delivers powerful, interactive content across all leading mobile devices.

The exponential growth in tablet ownership has created additional opportunities for traditional and corporate publishers to reach their audiences, with the challenge being to deliver content that is inspiring and engaging while being readily accessible.

“Thanks to continued innovation, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is driving new business opportunities for publishers and corporate brands,” says Jeremy Matthews, MD, Dax Data.
“The latest features of DPS are designed to entice readers to purchase by allowing them to view publications on a website, sample free articles within an issue and enjoy optimised reading experiences on iPhone 5 and Android tablets,” he adds.

In the US, the growth of brands and corporations using Digital Publishing Suite to accelerate their mobile marketing has increased 30% in the last six months alone.

From sales tools and training materials to brand engagement, retail catalogues and customer communications, businesses are increasingly turning to mobile devices to engage their customers and shoppers with immersive, interactive apps. Examples include Red Bull, Sotheby’s, Deloitte and Condé Nast.

“The magazine experience has been reinvented by Digital Publishing Suite’s ability to create exceptional and engaging apps enabled for Newsstand; adoption has been rapid among publishers excited by this ability to differentiate their content from competitors,” explains Matthews.
“Furthermore, since DPS includes full support for iOS5 Newsstand subscriptions, users can always be sure they have the very latest content.”

The Digital Publishing Suite hosted solution is used to create immersive experiences that combine the visual impact of print design; the flexibility of the tablet format; the immediacy of touch interaction; and the engagement of interactive elements such as video, audio, animated infographics and 360-degree views.

Adobe DPS tightly integrates with Adobe Creative Suite 6 and Adobe Creative Cloud software, empowering designers with industry-standard page layout capabilities to create highly designed, engaging digital content from sales and marketing collateral to employee and customer engagement pieces to large-scale magazines and newspapers that deliver new revenue opportunities and drive greater business value.

First launched in 2010, Adobe Publishing Suite (DPS) is available in Enterprise, Professional and Single editions, targeting a wide range of media publishers, brand organisations and advertising agencies, including small design firms and individual designers.