Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70 000 customers, has announced an enhanced version of Infor LN, which incorporates embedded social business technology.

The latest version builds upon the Infor 10x platform to incorporate broad support for Infor Ming.le, a comprehensive social collaboration platform. Infor LN is now able to provide users with a focused micro-vertical approach that is designed for faster, more meaningful interactions to change the way that tasks are accomplished.

The latest iteration of Infor LN, version 10.3, features a core group of enhancements that have been engineered to further improve the user experience.

By fusing the modernised social business experience with a more vertical-driven emphasis, customers are able to directly benefit from collaboration on a company-wide scale to simplify business processes. Infor LN’s collaboration features promote higher operational efficiency to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Features include:
* Expanded social collaboration – the latest version of Infor LN now features Infor Ming.le to enhance social business value. Infor LN users can now collaborate, share content, and follow critical customers, orders or activities within the same user experience. This creates an improved level of communication and efficiency by uniting processes, people and events.

* Stronger micro-vertical focus – there are more than 160 enhancements that are specific to various industries and geographies within Infor LN. The latest version offers a new level of asset and cost control for companies that require advanced project management. The application also provides capabilities in quality management and finance, with production control advancements for automotive suppliers. New cost controls for warranty and claims management enhance visibility to help minimise loss of claims due from suppliers while maximising service level agreements with customers. Infor LN supports reporting for the United States Department of Defense as well as added visibility into contract profitability and funding analysis.

* Simplified integration – the enhanced release of Infor LN utilises the Infor 10x technology stack to streamline integrations as well as provide advanced business intelligence with the Infor Business Vault.

* Technology enhancement in the core – the latest version of Infor LN shifts session technology away from Java Swing with the introduction of HTML 5. Additionally, this development includes a new dynamic enterprising modeling (DEM) authorisation report to increase efficiency for managing business processes and significant performance improvement in the upgrade process.
Core enhancements have been introduced to this version in an effort to improve performance for table compression support, parallel processing of data reconfiguration and multi-language data.

“Our customers strive to achieve a more fluid process for product development and this latest version of Infor LN meets those demands by providing a unique toolset to blend speed, tactical control and intelligent social collaboration from start to finish,” says Edward Talerico, industry director, Infor.

“Using the Infor 10x foundational platform, our customers are able to grow and tailor investments to fit the specific needs or their industry and company.”