With the NviromonLite from Netshield South Africa, available through Westcon Comztek Communication Solutions, home users, small businesses or remote offices can now switch lights, geysers, generators or any device on or off remotely as well as monitor issues, using their cell phone or computer.
The NvironmonLite offers effective remote monitoring and control of a variety of systems and processes with easy setup and an intuitive interface, and can be used in a wide range of environments.

“With the NvironmonLite, users can manage and monitor unattended or remote sites using SMS, GPRS and voice calls, as well as a computer interface.
“Practically any electronic equipment can be connected to the device and switched on or off remotely or even automatically, which means that the applications for use are many, across both home and businesses, as well as in the security and access control space,” says Inus Dreckmeyr, MD at Netshield South Africa.

In the agricultural environment, the NvironmonLite can be used to control equipment including generators, pumps and pivots. It can also be used for irrigation systems, to automate or enable remote control of these systems.

When used in both the industrial and commercial sectors, the device enables environmental monitoring and control, access control, machine and process monitoring, management of generators, backup devices, refrigerators and air-conditioning, building management, power management and more.

Across these industries the NvironmonLite can also be used for reporting on equipment as well as to monitor cable theft and security.

For residential users, the NvironmonLite can be used for power management, irrigation, access control and even home automation. When linked to security systems it can be used to monitor electric fencing and alarms, for greater control, and can also be used to enable remote access control, permitting the opening and closing of any electric gate or door, even when there is nobody home.

“Power management is an important feature, as everyone from home users to business are looking at ways to decrease energy consumption and costs. Home users can also use the device to open gates and switch alarms on and off for domestic workers, or even their children when they come home.

“The reporting function also allows the user to be alerted when, for example, alarms go off, so that the appropriate action can be taken. The possibilities are practically endless,” says Dreckmeyr.

The NvironmonLite is also easy to set up and use, thanks to included configuration software. Users can create their own setup for a multitude of different applications, without the need for programming skills, and the user-friendly interface enables powerful configurations to be created with ease.