To succeed in today’s economy, organisations need to ensure customers, partners and employees have access to the right information in the context of the business process in which they are engaged.
The latest release of Oracle WebCenter addresses this challenge with updates across its complete portfolio, including: portal, Web experience management, content, and collaboration technologies. By helping organisations enhance how they engage with information across all channels, the new release improves decision making, productivity and business efficiency.

Oracle unveiled a new release of Oracle WebCenter which helps organisations share information efficiently, maximise the value of business transactions and deliver engaging experiences across Web and mobile channels.

Updates across the entire Oracle WebCenter portfolio empower the mobile workforce with new mobile apps, BYOD support, and enhanced development tools for rapid deployment of mobile portals and Web sites.

The latest release of Oracle WebCenter includes a range of improved tools designed to empower business users and remove the dependencies on IT to shorten the time to market and reduce costs.

Oracle WebCenter is the centre of engagement for business, powering exceptional experiences for customers, partners and employees. It connects people, process and information with the most complete portfolio of portal, Web experience management, content, and collaboration technologies.

The new release of Oracle WebCenter Portal makes it easier and faster for business users to create intuitive portals with integrated application content by:
* Streamlining development with an integrated set of tools for Web and mobile;
* Providing out-of-the box templates for common use cases; and
* Expediting the portal creation experience with a WYSIWYG editing experience.

Oracle WebCenter Content makes it easier to share information efficiently by:
* Managing the entire content lifecycle in the most scalable and comprehensive content management system;
* Enabling users to access business documents “on the go” using their device of choice; and
* Putting content to work in process-centric business application environments.

In addition, by enhancing Oracle WebCenter Sites, the latest release helps marketers engage, guide, and convert customers online by:
* Managing mobile sites with ease and marketing to mobile customers more effectively;
* Creating a media-rich online customer experience using video and other digital marketing content from within the enterprise or from the cloud; and
* Providing more relevant search results to guide and influence customers on their Web sites.

“To make the best possible decisions for your business, it is important that everyone in an organisation has access to the right information, in the right context, and within the right business process, no matter where they are,” says Balaji Yelamanchili, senior VP, Oracle Product Development.

“The latest release of Oracle WebCenter supports this level of engagement at your desk, or on the road, by delivering enhancements across portal, Web experience management, content, and collaboration technologies.

“By intuitively connecting people, process and information across any device, the new release of Oracle WebCenter helps organisations improve decision making and enhance engagement with customers, partners and employees across every channel.”