Kognitio, which drives the convergence of big data, in-memory analytics and cloud computing, has partnered with South African business intelligence (BI), data management and software engineering specialist EnterpriseWorx to deliver the first cloud-based analytics offering based in Africa.
The agreement enables EnterpriseWorx to make advanced analytics available to companies throughout the continent at a fraction of the price, time and complexity of traditional BI and data analytics implementations.

In addition, EnterpriseWorx will be able to quickly build proof-of-concept environments, then run those environments in a software as a service (SaaS) offering for both mid-market clients who need an all-encompassing solution and larger organizations looking for a departmental data discovery environment.

EnterpriseWorx will offer the Kognitio Cloud both as a stand-alone analytical platform and coupled with a QlikView front end, enabling both data scientists and business users to easily gain insight from immense amounts of data, obtaining answers in a fraction of the time of other solutions, with the ability to view those answers in an easy-to-understand graphical representation.

“Companies have a greater need than ever before for the kind of advanced analytics enabled by the Kognitio Analytical Platform,” says Michael de Andrade, MD of EnterpriseWorx.

“Combining that power and versatility with our intimate knowledge of the African marketplace gives our clients a competitive advantage. Their lines of business will be able to harness the potential of big data, while still controlling their costs. This is a powerful combination, and one we are pleased to offer.”

De Andrade adds that EnterpriseWorx will add additional capabilities to its offering, to comply with South African laws regarding information security.

Kognitio Cloud lets organisations benefit from the world’s fastest and most scalable analytical platform on a subscription basis. Offered on a private cloud, platform as a service (PaaS) basis, it can match companies’ changing requirements, offering flexibility and uncompromising performance and security.

In addition, it delivers bottom-line advantages such as no need for costly capital expenditures, combined with predictable ongoing operating expenses.

“As we expand our reach globally, partners like EnterpriseWorx are vitally important to us,” says Steve Millard, Kognitio president and CEO.

“Its experts know their market, and the constantly evolving needs of their customers. They understand how best to leverage the power that Kognitio Cloud delivers in helping companies gain the greatest insight from their data. We see tremendous potential in emerging markets like Africa, and are confident that this first-of-its-kind implementation will deliver solid benefits.”