ICHAF’s Training and Development director, Devan Moonsamy, says that large classroom numbers, too few teachers and a lack of resources are some of the challenges that most rural and government schools in South Africa face today.
“More and more students are struggling to cope with basic literacy and foundational mathematics. This results in low learner morale, frustrated teachers and a bleak academic future for the struggling learner,” says Moonsamy.

The ICHAF Training Institute’s approach to curbing current general education challenges could be the answer to providing a solid support system to students who are struggling, and in turn lessen the burden on already strained educators.

ICHAF has implemented a tutoring and teacher programme that is designed to assist struggling learners.

Student teachers, paid by this corporate training company, are dispatched to qualifying schools to aid teachers with the workload. Some schools, like the Harry Bodasing Rural School in Kawdukuza KZN, have a permanent teacher posted by The I Can Help Africa Training Institute & Charity Foundation.

“These programmes have been working well,” says Moonsamy. “Learners and teachers enjoy the benefit of having an additional member of staff to support the learners who need dire assistance.”

Reports from Gauteng schools currently using this free service have been positive. Students appear to be enjoying the extra attention and learner-commitment levels have levels increased; this is visible through the quality of submitted post work.

ICHAF is able to support its tutoring initiative by providing training and development services to corporates which in turn funds the scholar programmes.

“The synergy between corporate training and the scholar tutoring programme has worked well. Corporates embrace the concept because now they have an opportunity to up-skill their people while giving back to the community at the same time,” explains Moonsamy.