Oracle has announced Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, a new design tool with which business users can easily create stunning and interactive analytical applications for use on any major mobile device.
With this release, Oracle adds major innovations to Oracle business intelligence (BI), extending the capabilities of the Oracle BI Mobile solution, and reinforcing Oracle’s commitment to empowering organisations to stay connected to their businesses with real-time insights while on the go.

A simple, browser-based, drag-and-drop design interface enables business users to combine data, text, images, visual graphs, and tables from multiple sources to create mobile analytical apps tailor-made to their lines of business. Without installing anything, creating professional mobile analytical applications is as easy as working with common office productivity tools.

Business users can instantly preview their mobile apps via a web-based mobile simulator, or simply scan a QR code to run an application instantly on their mobile devices.

Users can also easily collaborate and share the newly created apps via an App Library, which serves as a repository of mobile analytic applications to which users can subscribe and receive automatic updates, ensuring that users across the organisation are consuming the most up to date information.

Touch and swipe gestures for interactive analysis allow end users to drill and explore visualisations to gain valuable insights, directly from their mobile devices. Users can analyse sales pipeline and forecasts, present detailed customer profile briefing books, and track inventory – anytime, anywhere.

The apps created using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer run using HTML5 on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets. Automatic rendering for differing screen sizes ensures visualisations display optimally with a write once, run anywhere model.

Oracle BI Mobile App Designer is an integral component of Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, and also is available with the Oracle BI Mobile option to Oracle BI Enterprise Edition.

Businesses now can deploy full interactive dashboard capability with zero additional development using Oracle BI Mobile HD on iOS devices, and can create purpose-built mobile analytic applications for smartphones and tablets with drag-and-drop simplicity using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer.

Oracle Mobile BI is ideal for enterprise deployments powered by Oracle BI. It allows business users to automatically leverage centralised metrics, calculations, and analysis provisioned by IT, and also allows business users to supply their own data.

It enforces enterprise security leveraging the same security model as Oracle Business Intelligence, without requiring additional overhead to provision and manage user security separately.

When paired with Exalytics In-Memory Machine, mobile BI deployments can easily scale to tens of thousands of users. These factors enable faster time to value for users, secure deployments, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for companies and IT.

“Purpose-built mobile analytical apps, created and used by business people every day, greatly expand the opportunities for companies to deploy analytics broadly to everyone, everywhere,” says Paul Rodwick, VP of product management, Oracle.

“The new Oracle BI mobile capability enables business users to deliver powerful analytic apps self-sufficiently, for use on any mobile device, to improve business outcomes and ensure everyone is effective while on the go.”

“Data is one of an organisation’s most important assets – but only if it is harnessed in a way that is timely and easily accessible to all users,” says Brad Genson, MD with Accenture.

“The new Oracle BI Mobile App Designer can help turn data into actionable insights, competitive advantage and ultimately better business outcomes, particularly when combined with Accenture’s own analytics and industry expertise.”