Traditionally renowned as a consumables distributor, Kolok SA has announced it is to formally enter the hardware distribution market, making available products from a number of leading vendors to its partners. 

The company’s partner network gives it coverage nationwide, as well as in various countries throughout Africa.

Underscoring its hardware drive, the distributor recently held a high-profile Samsung Open Dealer Day which featured a number of Samsung flagship products which will now be available from Kolok.

Products highlighted included Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones and tablets, and the ATIV range of notebooks and MFPs. Security software partner, Kaspersky was also on hand to demonstrate its bundled solutions to attendees.

Kolok has for a number of years been one of the country’s leading distributors of consumer and office products featuring an entrenched partner network and strong support infrastructure. The move into the hardware distribution marketplace, it says, represents its next evolutionary step, adhering to both market and customer needs.

“Kolok has, over the years, built a very strong and loyal partner network,” says Allan Thompson, MD of Kolok SA. “It therefore makes complete business sense to usher in a new era with the distribution of leading hardware products by world-class vendors.”

“We have invested a great deal in building a strong offering which will be supported by an experienced and dedicated hardware distribution team,” Thompson adds. “We hope to, within the next six months, establish ourselves as bona fide player in a very competitive market.”

Commenting on the hardware distribution partnership with Kolok, Mike van Lier, Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung SA says: “Kolok features a dedicated hardware division that will certainly benefit our respective business going forward. They have truly made the investment into moving their hardware distribution forward and by their additional offering of technical support and training they are definitely a viable channel partner for us.”

Kolok’s hardware division features over 20 years of hardware distribution experience and is headed by Esna-May Hattingh.

“We are no doubt playing in a very competitive, if not somewhat saturated market,” says Hattingh. “With this in mind, we are offering our partners products that drive real value-add and meet very real customer demands.

“A good example is bundling Kaspersky security solutions with hardware such as Samsung which, in turn, saves on additional software expenditure and ensures that the devices are protected from the get go,” Hattingh says.

“Furthermore, Samsung printers feature extended onsite warranties. We are working very hard to stay one step ahead which in turn differentiates our partners and their respective business offerings,” she adds.

Apart from its head office in Johannesburg, Kolok features branches across the country which includes Limpopo, Polokwane, KwaZulu-Natal, Bloemfontein and the Eastern and Western Cape. Furthermore, the company has offices in Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia and also distributes into various other African countries.