The WebFOCUS Bootcamp, run by InfoBuild, provides hands-on training in a real-world business scenario. The five-day course covers building and deploying a complete WebFOCUS application with portals from beginning to end.
Bootcamp participants will be part of a WebFOCUS development team who will create a fictional company. They will develop the business intelligence (BI) application and portal according to the reporting and analytics requirements of the company’s management team.

Participants will assume developer, administrator and end-user roles to experience WebFOCUS from different points of view and learn how to benefit from each component.

“This is the most effective way to accelerate core skills to deliver more value. It combines instructor lectures, product demos, instructor-led walkthroughs and hands-on exercises,” says Johan Jurd, MD of InfoBuild, representing Information Builders in SA.

“The course includes business scenarios and will review a completed WebFOCUS application that will become the reference model throughout the course.”

To further reinforce WebFOCUS knowledge, participants will have 20 hours of post-class access to the application developed for self-study, experimentation and sharing with co-workers.