Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories South Africa (Genesys) has announced the appointment of Elingo Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd (Elingo) as a Genesys Services Partner. Elingo is a well-established Johannesburg, South African based ICT (Information Communications Technology) company that has doubled its revenue year on year since 2010.
With a specialised focus on enterprise multi-media contact centres and enterprise IP telephony, Elingo has established itself as a technology and cost leader in the contact centre automation and enterprise IP telephony market. Elingo is pleased that it can now offer customers and other Genesys partners exceptional service to fully optimise Genesys Contact Centre Software.

“We are currently a supporting entity to the existing Genesys partner and customer base in South Africa and our plans to migrate to a fully functional reseller are already underway. This phased approach will ensure minimal disruption, because our customer’s interests are our first priority,” says Gert Swart, MD of Elingo Business Solutions.

“We also understand how difficult it is to maintain an ever-changing environment and our goal is to partner with contact centres to deliver the best possible solutions for them, backed by the best possible support. Everything we do is with the interest of the customer in mind.”

Genesys Contact Centre Software enables companies to build and maintain a proactive and responsive customer service environment that delivers service excellence. Genesys includes a broad range of functionality in its suite, including workforce optimisation, routing of interactions across every channel, self-service, mobile app customer services, social media and more.

“Genesys is delighted to have Elingo invest in Genesys and complement the existing partner community in SEA,” says Flanagan. “This will extend Genesys’ ability to deliver on its broad range of capabilities and ultimately offer customers more choice and agility in the how they take advantage of what we have to offer.”

Elingo currently has a core local Genesys team of specialist certified engineers with plans to grow the team over the next six months.

“We strive to maintain an exceptional level of technical mastery by ensuring that we train and certify our staff on the latest technology,” adds Swart. “This, together with investments into demonstration as well as development equipment will help us install, demonstrate and develop these new technologies and become the Genesys service leader in SEA.”