Cisco has announced a collaboration with Facebook that helps businesses increase brand recognition and proactively target promotions and advertisements based on customer preferences and demographics using WiFi.

The Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) with Facebook WiFi is currently being piloted by some of the world’s most popular retailers, hotels and other public gathering spots.

The solution, coined CMX for Facebook WiFi, helps improve the consumer experience, provides a quick and simple way for consumers to access WiFi by checking in on Facebook, and gives businesses more opportunities to connect with their customers.

CMX for Facebook WiFi also provides businesses with more likes and check-ins for their Facebook page, increasing the demographic data on their customers, so they can better serve them.

Cisco has also announced the expansion of its Unified Access portfolio with the introduction of the Catalyst 3650 access switch designed to accelerate the convergence of wired and wireless networks and the Aironet 3700 802.11ac wireless access point for managing next-generation mobile devices in high density environments. The CMX for Facebook WiFi solution is built on the Unified Access architecture.

How CMX for Facebook WiFi works:
* Consumers connect to the network of a participating business, open their browser on any mobile device or laptop, and a Facebook check-in page appears;
* After checking in, consumers are directed to the business’ Facebook Page, where they can receive the latest information about the venue;
* Facebook provides aggregated anonymous insights about people’s activity on their Page, including demographics such as age, gender, and city;
* Businesses can analyse this data to better understand their customer’s preferences and deliver targeted promotions – ultimately improving their advertising and marketing campaigns; and
* Driving more check-ins through Facebook WiFi will also increase a business’ brand exposure, by increasing the number of stories generated about them, and will make businesses more discoverable in Facebook’s Graph Search.