Canada is actively recruiting foreign entrepreneurs with a Start-up Visa Programme introduced by the Canadian government to assist qualified entrepreneurs interested in relocating to Canada.
Introducing the visa, Jason Kenney, Canadian Immigration Minister, says that Canada is open for business to the world’s start-up entrepreneurs.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are essential drivers of our economy. We need people who can build companies that will create new jobs, spur economic growth and compete on a global scale – hence our new start-up visa.”

To help South Africans interested in taking advantage of this innovative program, angel investor Mike Edwards from LX Ventures, will be here in November to meet with potential candidates.

“Our objective is to identify and evaluate new software companies which have graduated from the incubator stage and have earned enough early-stage revenue to show that they are sustainable businesses. These are the business we feel would benefit from investment and relocating to Canada,” he says.

To be eligible for the Startup Visa Programme, the Canadian government requires entrepreneurs to obtain a minimum level of funding: $75 000 CDN from angel investors and $200 000 CDN from venture capital organisations.