QlikView has announced the launch of its Qlik Customer Success Framework to help customers progressively optimise how they use data as a strategic resource. This builds on the company’s QlikView. Next strategic roadmap to transform the BI market through its Natural Analytics approach to help people more naturally use and understand data as they make decisions.
To support this transformation, the Customer Success Framework delivers an ecosystem of people, services, and technology to address diverse customer needs throughout the journey to help everyone in an organisation use data more effectively.

The Qlik Customer Success Framework encourages customers to think about services as an interconnected universe rather than separate solutions designed for specific needs at a point in time. To maximise the value of Business Discovery and reduce complexity to make it easier for users to arrive at and act on more insightful decisions, customers need more than just software.

The Qlik Customer Success Framework helps organisations properly focus on BI and analytics with all the surrounding resources to make strategies rapidly become reality.

“Now more than ever organisations are turning to the next generation brand of self-service BI to answer strategic questions and power sophisticated workloads that critically impact the business,” says Les Bonny, chief operating officer at QlikTech.

“New thinking in BI needs new kinds of services for Business Discovery. That’s why we believe that our new Qlik Customer Success Framework sets customers on the right path so they can maximise the benefits of their QlikView investments and drive business value for strategic outcomes.”

The Qlik Customer Success Framework encompasses all of the resources QlikTech believes customers need as they scale out their programs from SMB analytics to big data projects.

Resources include:
* Qonnect Partner Program – an extensive global network of partners, including resellers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), technology companies, and system integrators, to provide access to infrastructure and expertise to meet customers’ unique needs.
* Qlik Community – an online community with unmatched activity in its industry, with nearly 100 000 members comprised of customers, partners, developers and enthusiasts to provide a forum to interact and further develop best practices and insights.
* Qlik Market – an online showcase of applications, extensions and connectors to help customers better leverage the power of the QlikView Business Discovery platform.
* Qoncierge – a single point of contact service offering for customers to help them access the resources they need.
* Comprehensive services – a wide range of services, training and support to optimise each customer’s strategy.

Offerings include:
* Education services to train users on QlikView faster helping them drive the most value from the platform;
* Consulting services, such as foundation services, application services and enterprise services, to help customers plan, design and grow their QlikView projects to speed deployment time, lower program risk and minimise unnecessary costs due to improper planning; and
* Support services to maximise solution uptime and help customers overcome complexity in their IT environment. Support services also include options for a designated support engineer to streamline the support process.

“Qlik Community has grown substantially because it is truly different,” says Oleg Troyansky, president of Natural Synergies.

“Over the years, Qlik Community has meant to me what Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has meant to others. It is a proven, global tool that weaves together social media, relationship building, and the power of connections, all of which have helped me develop not only my business but also my personal brand.”