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Based on OpenStack Grizzly, SUSE Cloud 2.0 provides users with the capability to set up a mixed hypervisor private cloud evironment which can be rapidly deployed and easily managed.
“It is a solution that that helps enterprises to become more agile while reducing IT costs,” says Matthew Lee, SUSE regional manager for South Africa.

“The design makes it easy for enterprises to harness the power of OpenStack for private cloud deployments while reducing administrator time and streamlining the set-up of private clouds based OpenStack. It includes an improved installation framework that enables concurrent installation of KVM, Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi, providing users with increased flexibility when building their clouds.”

Lee adds that SUSE Cloud 2.0 was developed to build upon OpenSource, which has a 20-year history of engineering and delivery of 24×7 enterprise support to organisations world-wide. It enables customers to maintain their previous investments in traditional data centre environments.

“With SUSE Cloud 2.0 our enterprise customers will be able to innovate more quickly, improve their resource utilisation and mitigate risk. Other major benefits include robust open source development that is conducted in a stable and secure environment, greater scalability and full support for OpenStack Block Storage.

“This assures organisations of increased choices as it allows them to provide persistent block storage at the virtual machine level.”

OpenStack Networking also augments the SUSE Cloud network features by delivering networking-as-a-service to enable scalable network management, an application programming interface, to build rich network topologies and create advanced network services.

“SUSE is able to deliver a broader ecosystem of partner solutions to configure private clouds based on unique IT infrastructure requirements. SUSE Cloud 2.0 offers a technical preview of Ceph and the Ceph Rados Gateway, providing compatible Swift and Amazon S3 (simplified storage service) APIs for fully rdundant object storage.

“We are also working with partners, including Coraid, EMC, Inktank and NetApp to provide SUSE Cloud users with a broad choice of persistent VM storage solutions.

“SUSE Cloud Networking includes partner solutions, providing customers with the extended capabilities offered by Cisco, Midokura, Open Vswitch and VLAN bridging solutions, which underline our commitment to making the data centre more flexible in order provide customers with increased agility,” concludes Lee.