Westcon-Comztek has appointed Hanle Carver as its new services director.

The services component of the organisation is a growing part of the distributor’s business, and includes its much sought after backup stock, proofing and staging as well as business readiness assessment portfolios.

Carver, who is no stranger to distribution and was with the former Comztek in the capacity of business development manager for services since 2005, was a logical fit for the position, says Paul Conradie, CEO of Westcon-Comztek.

“It is our goal as one of the most pervasive distributors on the continent, to ensure that we provide the value needed by our partners to enable and drive their business growth,” he says. “Because of her thorough knowledge of the business, her passion for services, as well as her existing relationship with many of our partners, Hanle was the outright choice for this portfolio.”

Prior to her role as business development manager for services at Comztek, Carver worked in the company’s retail division and was responsible for the Incredible Connection account. She also served an over 10-year tenure with Bayer.

“Services may be positioned as the differentiator for distributors in this world of cloud and virtualisation technologies, but it’s not just the fact that one provides services that sets you apart, it’s the type of services, the nature of the services and your ability to deliver on them,” says Carver.

“At Westcon Comztek we are looking to partner with our customers and reseller partners to ensure that what we bring to the table will assist in growing their sales footprint and revenue stream.

“I am looking forward to driving the services division within the company forward as I firmly believe that services are the golden thread or the glue that holds any industry/business together,” she ends.