Telkom has announced Internet speed upgrades for existing consumer and business customers following the recently announced ADSL speed increases for all Internet service providers (ISPs).

According to Manelisa Mavuso, MD of Consumer Services and Retail at Telkom, these improved speeds will go a long way towards enhancing the end user’s broadband experience from Telkom Internet.

“Effectively, we are doubling the entry level DSL speeds in the market. The increased speeds allow for improved video streaming, online gaming and video conferencing by reducing buffering and latency.

“The improvements are part of the group’s network transformation programme and a more aggressive positioning of its retail ISP which has allowed for greater efficiencies, the benefit of which is being passed on to the customer. This follows the evolution of capped services to SoftCap, promotions on social media, gaming and movie packages and differentiation of business and home usage products.”

Telkom Internet is revising its data usage offers, especially on its uncapped products, to be in-line with the improved DSL portfolio. Customers who are currently on the SoftCap package will benefit from a double speed upgrade at no extra cost. The improved quality of experience does come with nominal fee adjustments, for uncapped users.

“Depending on the specific package, there will either be an increase or a decrease in your overall monthly fee,” explains Mavuso. “Where there is an increase, it is important to note that this is far less than the actual value that customers are getting at the end of the day.

“Telkom is focused on delivering a superior value proposition for our customers. And we will keep improving to meet customer needs in a future where everything will be connected and intelligent, communicating all the time, in an increasingly diverse communications environment.”