Afrihost has announced another price drop for their hosting clients.

Having won the ISP of the Year for a third year in a row at this year’s MyBroadband conference, Afrihost will now be focusing their attention on making their cloud and dedicated hosting products even more attractive to home and business clients.

Afrihost will be dropping their bandwidth costs for cloud servers to 97c per Gigabyte. This means that clients who exceed their package traffic threshold will be charged less than R1 per Gb for additional traffic, down from R3.50.

Excess traffic costs for physical dedicated servers will also drop from R7 per Gb to just R2,97 per Gb, and Web traffic on rack hosting will drop from R12 per Gb to just R5 per Gb.

This represents significant savings for clients across the board. Afrihost will further be increasing Web traffic thresholds across several of their products.

Afrihost created more value for their existing clients earlier this year by offering unlimited Web traffic on shared hosting and offering massive reductions on dedicated cloud hosting, making them the first choice amongst many for virtual private server solutions.

New Web traffic pricing will take effect immediately for new clients signing up, and for existing clients from 1 December.