In 2014 ICT services providers will be judged not only on what technology they supply and the expediency with which they supply it, but specifically on the level of competence they demonstrate in terms of product from various global vendors.

Network Alliance, an established national Information and Communication Technology service provider, is a Gold Competency Partner with Microsoft.

As a progressive and growing service provider Network Alliance has placed a premium on the acquisition of certification. The Company’s profile includes:
* Gold Midmarket Solution Provider;
* Gold Volume Licensing;
* Silver Devices and Deployment;
* Silver Hosting;
* Silver Management and Virtualization;
* Silver Server Platform; and
* Silver Software Asset Management.

This level of certification and proven expertise places Network Alliance in a strong position to address the requirements of operators across the spectrum of the ICT market.

Raymond Wright, MD at Network Alliance, says the Company has proven competence in the application of solutions, services and support, including network infrastructure solutions, managed services, virtualisation solutions, cloud hosting solutions and VoIP solutions.

He also emphasises the Company’s understanding of- and insight into Microsoft infrastructure and the value this adds to clients, particularly those that are in growth mode.

“We have achieved a significant level of technical competence, covering both existing and emerging trends. We believe our knowledge places us in a strong position to add value to clients seeking greater control over their infrastructure and over their ability to leverage off communications,” says Wright.

Market drivers and game-changing influencers, including the Cloud hosting, security and WAN optimisation, are all covered.

“Together with business analytics, these technologies are expected to dominate ICT service delivery, adoption and application next year,” adds Wright.