eScan, one of the leading Anti-Virus and Content Security Solutions provider has launched its latest version of business security solutions – eScan 14 SMB Editions with Cloud Security, eScan 14 Corporate Edition with Cloud Security and eScan 14 Enterprise Edition with Cloud Security to secure the business networks from the increasing new age threats targeting servers and further intruding and infecting both the mobile and non-mobile endpoints.

eScan business security suites send instant alerts to the administrators on every outbreak occurring in the network and hence automatically prevents the spread of malware infection over the networks.

The new secure Web interface of eScan uses SSL technology to encrypt all communications and the summarised dashboard provides administrator the status of the managed clients in graphical formats such as deployment status, protection status and protection statistics for easy monitoring.

eScan 14 Business Editions with Cloud Security provide effective security to the network and are also very light on the system resources. Powered by technologies such as MicroWorld Winsock Layer Technology, Domain and IP Reputation Checker Technology, Non-Intrusive Learning Pattern Technology, and sophisticated anti-virus heuristics algorithms, eScan provides zero-day protection to both servers and endpoints.

The new eScan Management Console (EMC) now comes with a secure web interface that facilitates dynamic security management of the server and endpoints in the corporate network. It also reduces security management costs through File Reputation Services, Asset Management, Print activity, ADS integration and Support for VMware, SYSLOG, SNMP, NAC and NAP.

“It has been our conscious effort to extend our offerings to the businesses with cloud security,” says Lee Milroy, CEO at Secure Lab.

“The version 14 of eScan Security Solutions for Businesses has been developed to ensure complete security to the network from never ending new age threats. eScan is a cost effective zero day protection security suite which extends protection against Malware, Hacking, Phishing and Spam to the server and clients.”

eScan 14 Business Editions with Cloud Security benefits include:

* New Secure Web interface with summarised dashboard – provides administrator the status of the managed clients in graphical formats such as deployment status, protection status and protection statistics.

* Improved Endpoint Security with Device Management & Application Control – facilitates administrators to assign privileges to the clients on access to the removable devices such as Webcams, CD-ROM, USB Devices as well as composite and Bluetooth devices, SD Cards, Imaging Devices and so on.
The device control feature assists the administrators in monitoring devices that are connected to the system in the network. Using the password protection feature, unauthorised USB devices can be blocked.
This ensures data theft prevention leaving no scope for misuse of confidential data as well as protection from malware threats through external devices. Moreover, the new improved Application control feature of eScan allows blocking, whitelist and defining time restrictions for applications.

* Asset management – provides the entire hardware configuration and list of software installed/uninstalled on client computers. This helps administrators to keep track of all the hardware as well as software resources installed/uninstalled on all the client computers connected to the network.

* Print activity – efficiently monitors and logs printing tasks done by all the managed computers.
It provides a detailed report in PDF, Excel or HTML formats of all printing jobs done by managed computers through any printer connected to any computer locally or to the network such as number of copies printed through any printer, the document name of the printed file, the date on which print was taken (client machine), machine name, along with the username of the computer and it’s IP address.

* Network outbreak prevention, live alerts and reports – automatically prevents spreading of malware infection on networks and, sends alerts to the administrator about the outbreaks on the network.
It can also instantaneously display live alerts about applications, USB / flash device, and site browsing information of the clients. Administrators can view comprehensive reports on all the clients and can also export the reports to HTML and PDF formats for in-depth analysis.

* Enhanced Firewall on both the server and the client – monitors and logs all incoming and outgoing traffic, according to the policy defined for the client.

* Faster and intelligent On-Demand Scanner – performs faster scans on the clients and is very light on system resources. A battery mode automatically detects when the laptop / net book is on battery and restricts resource intensive processes such as scheduled scans from starting, thereby providing unmitigated battery time.

eScan 14 Business Editions with Cloud Security also includes other features such as customised client installation, one time password, advanced Web protection with virtual keyboard, inbuilt eScan remote support and 24/7 free Online Technical Support through e-mail, chat and forums.