Teradata Corporation, the leading analytic data platforms, applications and services company, recently announced that all profits from global sales of Teradata Applications CMO Lisa Arthur’s newly published book, Big Data Marketing, will be donated to The American Red Cross through the company’s Teradata CARES programme.

The book was published on 14 October. The announcement was made by Teradata Applications President Darryl McDonald, during his keynote speech to more than 4 000 Teradata customers attending the company’s annual PARTNERS conference being held in Dallas in October.

“Lisa is truly an industry thought leader, and this eye-opening book is not just for marketers and CMOs, but for C-suite senior executives, and IT leaders, too,” McDonald says.

“This book can help companies start the critical, must-have conversation around how data-driven strategies can benefit the entire enterprise, and how marketing is the best place to begin.

“And on behalf of Teradata CARES, we are honoured to direct all profits from international sales of Big Data Marketing to The American Red Cross, a longstanding Teradata customer and one of the most outstanding non-profit organisations of all time.”

In Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value, Arthur tells the story of how The American Red Cross adopted data-driven marketing strategies to strengthen relationships with constituents, improve fundraising efforts, and speed response in times of crisis. This and many other examples are sprinkled through the book.

“Because technology, data, and digital are so critical for how we are operating, Marketing and IT at the Red Cross really come together. We think this is going to revolutionise how we market to and interact with the public. If we can use data to get more donations of time, money, and blood, then the Red Cross can do more to support people in need,” says Peggy Dyer, CMO, American Red Cross.

“We are honoured that profits from Lisa Arthur’s book Big Data Marketing will be shared with The American Red Cross,” says Peggy Dyer, CMO, American Red Cross.

In Big Data Marketing, Arthur draws on more than 30 years of technology industry marketing leadership and her current role as Chief Marketing Officer with Teradata Applications, to provide a common-sense, step-by-step and proven approach to data-driven marketing adoption.

It is a priority read for executives, marketers and others who want to tackle big data and use it to improve customer experiences, show revenue impact and demonstrate the value of their own roles. Arthur uses non-technical language, additional downloadable resources, and a healthy dose of humour to help business leaders better understand and master the challenges and opportunities of modern big data marketing.

Readers will discover: * How marketers can use data to learn what they need to know; * How to make metrics your business “mantra”; * How to drive value through personalised messaging, and other proven ways to elevate customer experiences; * The five fundamental components of a successful data-driven marketing strategy; * Strategies to drive brand relevance and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI); and * Approaches to managing marketing spend, a company’s largest variable expenditure.

“It’s high time to tame the beast and open up the conversation about big data,” Arthur urges. “As companies put off formulating plans, data continues to stream in, creating massive tangles of information, processes and applications. Today’s business leaders need to confront big data head-on.

“Yet to do so, they must first have a clear view of the task ahead of them. If you’re ready to move your business forward, and bypass all the sensationalism and hype, Big Data Marketing is for you. Let’s start the conversation.”

Big Data Marketing: Engage Your Customers More Effectively and Drive Value (WILEY; Hardcover & e-book; $30.00(US); ISBN: 978-1-118-73389-9) is available worldwide via Amason.com, or wherever books and e-books are sold.