Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, has launched the industry’s first urban rail transportation solution based on enterprise LTE (eLTE) for Zhengzhou Metro. (Zhengzhou Metro) in China.

The solution features highly reliable bilateral radio transmission channels for train-to-ground voice, data, and video transmissions, improving the overall communication and operational efficiency of rail transportation.
During the event, Huawei executives, representatives from Zhengzhou Metro, transportation design experts from local and overseas institutions, industry partners and journalists from various parts of the world joined together to conduct in-depth discussions and sharing of insights and experience on the innovation of wireless metro communications and the evolution that eLTE brings to the industry.

A testament of Huawei’s customer-centric innovation and strength in LTE adoption in the enterprise domain, the eLTE urban rail transportation solution deployed in Zhengzhou Metro was awarded the Technology Innovation Award by the World Railway Development and Research Society in April this year.

The solution features professional anti-interference technologies, addressing the needs of metro operators on a number of applications, including passenger information system (PIS), closed-circuit television, vehicle-mounted video surveillance, communication-based train control (CBTC), and broadband trunking.

“The traditional metro communication platform with segregated transmission networks can no longer meet the requirements of an evolving metro industry,” said Mr. Patrick Zhang, president of Marketing and Solutions Department, Huawei Enterprise.

“With the increasing reliance on wireless communication network in the rail transportation industry, metro operators are looking for a rail transportation solution that can simultaneously carry out a number of application management services, as well as data, voice and video transmissions.

“With Huawei’s highly mobile eLTE urban rail transportation solution, Zhengzhou Metro is able to enhance quality of service across multiple levels of operations, achieving safe operation, agile dispatching and convenience for passengers.”

Zhengzhou Metro is the first urban rail transportation operator to deploy Huawei’s eLTE urban rail transportation solution in Line 1 of Zhengzhou’s metro system to help resolve problems caused by disconnected communication networks between train and ground communication systems, interference, and service intermittence.

“We are pleased with our collaboration with Huawei on the development of the eLTE urban rail transportation solution. Moving forward, Zhengzhou Metro and Huawei will strengthen our collaboration in the technological advancement of the rail transportation industry, contributing to the development of a fully modernized and innovative metro line in China,” says a representative from Zhengzhou Metro.